"Reflected Light" Boulder, ColoradoReflected Light hanging installation detailKomorebi - Hanging SculpturesKomorebi 1Komorebi 3Komorebi 2Voyage Reflected Light 3Installation view - Space Gallery 2017Light Forms 12Detail - Light Forms, Texas State University, Health Professions BuildLight Forms - BayhealthLight Waterfall"Suspended Light" - The Elizabeth HotelShimmerLight through leavesLight Forms 6Light Forms 8Light Forms 10Shimmer 1Shimmer 2Shimmer 3Shimmer 4Shimmer 5Dancing Color 9Dancing Color 10Dancing Color 11Dancing Color 12Dancing Color 1Dancing Color 8Dancing Color 16Dancing Color 13Dancing Color 14Dancing Color 15Dancing Color 2Dancing Color 3Changing Light 3The Color of the Sky at Twilight 10-18The color of the sky in spring 1-9Pools of Light - in situPools of Light 26Pools of Light 31Pools of Light 27Pools of Light 24Pools of Light 28Pools of Light 32Pools of Light 21Pools of Light 22Pools of Light 18Pools of Light 30